That Bronzer Is So Last Season

Ok ladies – Christmas has passed, we are looking to the New Year, and winter is officially upon us.  If your face looks like it’s still living in the summer, it’s time to dial down the bronzer.  Most mainstream bronzers glisten, giving you the appearance of a private audience with the Caribbean sun.  But, let’s face it, summer is over and our complexions have changed.

The right bronzer will add warmth to your natural complexion, without changing it.  Those that work well with your tanned, summer skin may not be the best choice for a cool, winter face.  Don’t look out of place this New Year’s Eve.  Instead, trade in your glistening summer bronzer for a more natural, matte finish.  Simple Beauty’s Baked Matte Finishing Bronzer is marbleized to provide a soft, smooth, satin-glow finish.  With no added sparkle or shine, it is perfect for warming up a winter face.  Our baked powder formula helps to create the perfect balance for your individual complexion, with the creaminess and blendability of a pressed compact.  The formula works for toning down shine and hiding imperfections, while enhancing skin with a healthy glow – providing an airbrushed quality effect.  This paraben and fragrance-free formula is hypoallergenic (for sensitive winter skin) and applies with a non-greasy finish.

Remember, when using a bronzer and especially during the winter months, it is important to thoroughly blend your product.  Swipe bronzer across areas of the face the sun would naturally hit – your forehead, temples, cheeks, and lightly along your jawbone.  For an even look throughout, use a high-quality brush to circle around your powder and tap off excess product. Starting on your forehead with swirling motions, blend lightly over your face, hitting your ears, neck, jaw, and chest.  Focus on your natural contours for a simple trick to warm up winter skin.


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