‘Tis the Season to Treat Your Skin

Stress of the holiday season, lack of sleep, and all the alcohol at your company’s Christmas party make the perfect recipe for dry, dehydrated skin.  As the holidays approach, we’re seeing more and more sparkly, shimmering shades of eyeshadow and lip gloss.  But, what you may not know is that good skin care is essential to staying fresh during the season.  Without proper care, sparkly gloss will only accentuate chapped lips.  Your after-hours, stress-relieving egg nog will dehydrate your skin, leading to more holiday stress if you’re not careful.  We spend a lot of time shopping for and thinking about others this time of year, but it’s important to take some time for ourselves…and for our skin.

You may notice, through all the excitement of winter activities, that the area around your eyes are looking a little dull.  Maybe you’ve noticed fine lines where fine lines did not appear before.  Or, perhaps, you’re seeing increased darkness under the eye area.  Don’t worry – holiday shopping is not prematurely aging you!  Your skin is dehydrated, and the eyes are your first give-away.

The best way to beat holiday dehydration is with a vitamin-rich eye creme.  Simple Beauty Vital Eye Creme has been specifically engineered to fight early signs of aging with Vitamin K and vital antioxidants.  This rich eye creme is ideal for all skin types and can be applied twice daily to protect the delicate skin around your eyes.  Apply Simple Beauty Vital Eye Creme under the eyes and around through the orbital bone (avoiding eyelids) before bed each night.  Vitamin K will improve your skin’s elasticity and essential antioxidants will repair free radical damage while you sleep.  You’ll wake to beautiful, rehydrated and supple skin.  It’s that easy.

Remember, dry heat (like that produced by central heating systems) can be troublesome to our skin.  If you’re running your heater through the night, reapply your eye cream in the morning for added benefit.  It wears wonderfully under makeup and will continue working all day long.  You’ll notice a substantial difference in the health and texture of your skin within 3 weeks.

Simple Beauty Vital Eye Creme – $27.00  Available exclusively from Simple Beauty within the Howard Kurtz Salon.  Click HERE to redeem your December 20% discount on this and more products.

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